LatitudeLearning was designed to manage partner training programs. Our learning management system addresses the unique challenges of administering partner (franchise, OEM, agent, broker, reseller, etc.) training.

Partner Training Challenges

A rich, full feature LMS is the key behind a great training program. But, if you're managing a partner training program you've got special needs. You are faced with a set of unique challenges that cannot be addressed using a regular LMS.

Partner employees are unknown

Unlike most organizations, partner networks do not have the luxury to rely on a Human Resource Information System to manage users.

LearningCenter Solution: Latitude enables users to request LMS access and for Training Managers to approve requests, as well as activate and deactivate users.

Employees that work at multiple locations

Partner employees often work at multiple locations in multiple roles for multiple employers both simultaneously throughout their career.

LearningCenter Solution: Latitude enables users to have one account with multiple profiles in multiple locations.

Supported by multiple field organizations

Partner networks are typically supported by multiple field organizations (e.g. sales, service, training) and need an LMS that can support them.

LearningCenter Solution: Latitude allows partners to belong to multiple field organizations and allows each field organization to have its own organizational structure.


No management command & control

Partners cannot require employees or their supervisors involved in the network to take training.

LearningCenter Solution: Partner training programs must rely on incentive-based certification programs to ensure completion. Our LMS supports sophisticated certifications.

Owners that own multiple units

Partner training programs must support franchise owners that own several units.

LearningCenter Solution: Latitude allows for multi-profile user accounts that provides the partner owners with the ability to manage all their units from one account.

Unique, successful business model

Partner networks have a unique, successful business model which includes unique training processes and workflows that are core to their mission and can not be changed.

LearningCenter Solution: Latitude's Feature Management Architecture enables Latitude to completely customize user interface and underlying processes to your exact specifications.



LatitudeLearning can be configured to support the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • German