The Learning Platform That Delivers

Training Executives struggle to meet ever increasing demands for training with limited budgets. LatitudeLearning was created with you in mind. Our affordable, completely customizable learning management system will help you achieve your training program goals.

We've designed our learning platform to help make your job easier. By allowing our LMS to adapt to your unique training program (instead of the other way around like most LMS vendors), you have more time to focus on what matters most to you - providing great training to more people.

Our approach to the perfect LMS focuses around the six learning management workflows that make up a successful training program. We provide access to (and support on how to use) over 70 LatitudeLearning LMS Tools used to organize people, organize content, configure the user experience, manage users, manage enrollments, and track progress.

These same workflows are also what we've designed LatitudeLearning around. Our structure of organizing your training program within the Learning Management System around these six learning management workflows is what drives your program to perform from the very start. Whether you end up using almost all provided tools to sculpt the perfect Learning Management System, or just a use a few, LatitudeLearning is the perfect solution for the most complex training programs, as well as very simplistic training programs, and all others in between.

LatitudeLearning was built to allow you to train more people with less effort. The way in which our LMS Tools will help you successfully do that is through three training enablers: Automate, Integrate and Delegate. Training more with less is achieved through automating processes, integrating training into your daily operations and delegating training out to other people in your organization.


Customize automations that eliminates manual workarounds and allows you to easily set and forget.


Integrate training into your operations, turning your Learning Management System into a Learning Platform.


Distribute administration to your community allowing learners to get what they need as quickly as possible.

We've made it easy to incorporate the three training enablers into your online training platform.


Completely customize your SaaS LMS to allow for specialized automation and delegation.

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Integrate crucial LMS information and functions at the point of need for maximized engagement.

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