Franchise Training

Training Drives Franchise Performance

Studies by the University of Michigan indicate that training is the #1 discriminator between high and low performing franchises.

LatitudeLearning is a top rated, cloud-based LMS built to meet the unique needs of managing franchise training programs.

Below are examples of how the Latitude's learning management system addresses some of the biggest challenges managing of franchise training programs.

Franchisee User Management

Franchisor's Challenge
One of the biggest challenges facing a franchisor when managing a franchise training program is managing franchise employees access to the training system.  Since franchises are independent companies, franchisors rarely know who the franchise has hired, what their position is and how much training they need.

Latitude's Solution
The Latitude learning management system meets this challenge by allowing franchise employees to request access to the franchise LMS. The access request will include their position and the franchise where they work. The appropriate franchise training coordinator is then notified of the access request and they then approve, deny or change the request.

The franchisor can still control the overall process by setting limits on the number of users a given franchise can have and by automatically deactivating franchise employees after a set number of days.

Users That Work at Multiple Units

Franchisor's Challenge
Many franchise employees work at multiple franchise locations and often perform different roles.  They might be a sales associate at two locations and work in the warehouse of a third.

Latitude's Solution
The Latitude LMS meets this challenge by allowing users to have multiple profiles. A franchise employee can have a profile as a sales associate at Store A and another profile as warehouse associate at Store B. Store A's sales manager can assign and manage the employee's sales training. Store B's warehouse manager can assign and manage the employee's warehouse training. The employee will see a consolidated view of their assigned training goals when they log in.

In fact, the Latitude LMS allows a franchise employee's training record to follow them throughout their career, regardless of which franchise they work at.

Franchises With Multiple Units

Franchisor's Challenge
Success breeds success and many of your franchisees own multiple franchises. In fact some of your franchisees may own dozens or hundreds of franchises that stretch across your field organization. Managing training across such a large population can be problematic for your franchisees.

Latitude's Solution
The Latitude LMS meets this challenge by allowing franchises to belong to multiple organizational hierarchies. For example, a Field Hierarchy can be created to reflect the way you organize the franchises (e.g. Region, District, Franchise), while an Ownership Hierarchy can be created to reflect franchise ownership.

Thus your multi-franchise franchisees can manage a consolidated view of their franchises through the Ownership Hierarchy, while your field organization can manage a consolidated view of the franchises their responsible for through the Field Hierarchy.

Franchisor Assign Training Goals

Franchisor's Challenge
How does a franchisor make sure franchise employees are properly trained?

Latitude's Solution
The Latitude LMS enables franchisors to create and automatically assign position (i.e. job) specific certifications and curriculum to franchise employees.  Franchisor training program administrators can define position codes (i.e. job codes) that can be selected and/or assigned when a user creates an account.

Training program administrators can also create position specific certifications and curriculum and use Goal Transitions to automatically assign those certifications and curriculum to franchise employees.

Product & Technical Information

Franchisor's Challenge
Making product and technical information available to franchise employees on a timely basis is key to improving franchise performance.

Latitude's Solution
Our learning management system's Resource Library helps franchisors quickly and easily disseminate product and technical information to franchise employees. Franchisors can define their own Resource Categories and load Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, video clips, audio clips, URLs and more as resources.

Unique & Successful Business Model

Franchisor's Challenge
Corporate training programs can adapt their training processes to the generic workflows in a corporate LMS because their processes support but are not core to the organization's mission.

Franchisors have a unique successful business model which they sell to franchisees. This includes unique training processes and workflows that are core to the franchisor’s mission and can not be changed to generic workflows.

Latitude's Solution
Latitude’s Feature Management Architecure enables Latitude to completely customize the user interface and underlying processes to your exact specifications so we can support your unique training processes and workflows.

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