Franchise Training

Training Drives Franchise Performance

Training is the #1 discriminator between high and low performing franchises.

Not all learning management systems are created equal. When managing franchise training programs, you demand more functionality than a regular HR LMS can handle. Administering a franchise training program has many complexities that simply cannot be met using a typical learning management system.

Franchisee's employees are not actual employees of the franchisor, so ensuring training is completed and effective becomes harder to maintain.

Below are some of the major challenges faced when managing a franchise training program through lms training, and how LatitudeLearning addresses the challenge ensuring certain aspects of your training program are not compromised.

LatitudeLearning is a top rated learning platform built to meet the unique needs of managing franchise training programs.

Training franchise employees will result in higher product quality and increased sales volume, closing rates and average purchase size.

train your makerstrain your makers

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