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Ensure Consistency with Supplier Training

A supplier, or vendor, is a person or business that supplies goods or services to a company. In industries such as retail and manufacturing, suppliers are a crucial facet to the core operation of your business. Most organizations in this space have already realized the importance of suppliers and have practices in place to better manage their supply chain.

Every manufacturer has a certain way they do business, and from that a supply chain is formed. Their suppliers supply them with components that will eventually make up the finished product. Those with more complicated finished products have complicated supply chains with highly sophisticated logistic systems and ways of engineering products.

For example, while making the iPhone, Apple enlisted suppliers to supply the components that make up the phone. Not only did the suppliers have to supply Apple with the parts, but they also had to engineer them to Apple's precise specifications. Apple trains their suppliers on how they would like to receive their supplies and on the way they operate their logistics system.

Manufacturers face a couple challenges when administering and managing supplier training programs.

Managing the logistics of your supply chain is how you don't run out of goods on the shelf. It's how you quickly get popular items on the shelf. It's how you control inventory. It's what sets you apart from your competitors. The more systematized that process is equates to the amount of resources needed to effectively set up a platform in order to train suppliers.

How do you ensure suppliers are properly trained on subject matters that are core to your business? By providing them with a learning management system platform that adapts to your unique workflows and processes and not the other way around. Keeping the foundation of what makes your organization unique should be just as equally important to your LMS vendor as it is to you.

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