Dealer Training

Train Dealer Personnel to Increase Sales

Original Equipment Manufacturers look to dealers to sell their high-ticket products to consumers or other businesses. The dealer model is common in industries such as: vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, swimming pools, boats, farm equipment and many more.

These high-ticket products are complicated in nature and require a knowledgeable salesforce behind them. Because of their complexities, almost all dealerships also offer a service center for customers in order to perform maintenance on the products. Pushing both of these segments with training is key to success for the OEM.

There are challenges that arise with administering and managing dealer training programs.

Training your dealership sales personnel will result in an increase of sales volume.

Training your dealership service providers will ensure the product is fixed right the first time, while simultaneously lowering warranty and support costs.

train your sellerstrain your servicers

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