LatitudeLearning Business Consulting

Technology solutions to tough business problems that don’t have an off-the-shelf solution.

Your biggest business problems have met their match. Latitude’s consulting services provide real solutions that solve your toughest challenges.

Where many consulting agencies fail, Latitude delivers. The difference is in our commitment to understanding your needs, not selling a prepackaged solution. Your business is unique, and your challenges are specific to you. You don’t need a one-size-fits-all implementation — you need a tailored solution.

We Succeed Where Others Fail — Literally.

Latitude is often brought in to resolve issues that other consulting firms created. A previous consultant decided to implement their own pre-packaged solution, no matter what the client’s situation actually called for.

The result was more frustration without more success.

You don’t want to make a major up-front investment, go down a long path, and discover too late that you’re lost in the woods — with no idea how to get back.

Latitude’s consulting services take a different approach:

  1. Understand the business need.
  2. Define the business objectives.
  3. Find small wins and build up from there.

Rather than implement a giant solution all at once, we achieve success early on and progressively build toward your stated goals. We’re willing to start small at first, because it gives you immediate wins and establishes a solid foundation that you can build upon for a long time.

Who We Work With

Our consulting clients have a clear business objective but they don’t have a true technology solution that’s defined and available in the marketplace. We make an ideal consulting partner for:

  • Manufacturing
  • OEM
  • Banking
  • Automotive
  • General business processing

Our Promise to You

Latitude’s consulting services promises to deliver the right solution for your particular business needs. You’ll see a defined business benefit.

We back up that promise with a 100% successful implementation rate. With a combined 100+ years of experience, we can deliver on your business goals, whatever they may be.

Our Consulting Process

Our process is the reason we succeed for clients where others fail. We take a two-phased approach:


Phase 1: Discovery (2-3 months)

First, we seek to fully understand the problem you need to solve. During this phase, our consultants sit down with you and do nothing but listen and ask questions. We conduct interviews with all of the key stakeholders until we have a detailed understanding of your business, your situation, and your needs.

Next, we develop a recommendation for a proof of concept. This will be a pilot test to validate the assumptions that go into the business drivers we’ve discovered. This activity allows us to determine whether or not the discovered business objectives and supporting requirements hold water.

Phase 2: Implementation (1-3 months)

During this phase, we develop the solution architecture. This involves defining and implementing a beneficial solution set that supports the business requirements and fits into your existing technology landscape.

Together with you, we’ll come to a firm agreement of implementation and technology to be used. As we implement a preliminary solution, we also validate the results against the business assumptions from Phase 1. Based on those results, we further develop the solution to yield the business value you need. We continue to wash and repeat, adding to the solution as needed, in partnership with you to meet the business and technology objectives for the initiative.