Employee Training

Improve employee engagement and increase employee retention.

What if...

…employee training could go beyond workplace safety and sexual harrassment training? What if employee training could help your people understand where they’re going and how to be productive members of your organization?

Personalized employee training programs help improve skills, performance, productivity, and retention. Equip your personnel with the skills they need to be productive and successful within their roles. Better trained employees have a better employee experience, which increases engagement, motivation, and morale.

LatitudeLearning LMS helps you hit your business goals, maximize your profits, and develop your workforce.

Overcome Performance Gaps

Identify key skills gaps and help employees improve job performance.

Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Employees with access to training opportunities are more likely to stay at their organizations for a longer period of time and to be more engaged.

Improve Innovative and Agility

Respond to change as needs appear. Tackle up-skilling and re-skilling to keep your labor force on the bleeding edge.

Invest in Continued Training

While initial job training is important, continued training and development is essential. Our employee training programs take care of that need.

Retain Your Best Employees and Boost Profits

Employee development and training has a positive impact on efficiency, innovation, and productivity.

One of the benefits of employee training is that when your employees see that you’re investing in their futures rather than just their current job roles, they’re more likely to invest back into the company in the form of loyalty, engagement, and productivity.

  • Make your employees feel valued
  • Reduce the need for costly supervision
  • Develop new knowledge or skills in your people
  • Increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover
Our Client Testimonials

What our clients say about our employee training

“There are a lot of training systems available, but Latitude had a great combination of services for tracking training and assessment. The ability to track progress and have consistent and reliable records for each new employee saves us a lot of time, but more importantly, it helps us save animal lives.”

Kristy Graszak
Staff Development Manager, Michigan Humane Society

“At National CORE we are so excited to have this invaluable tool to assist in tracking the training for our employees. This system will provide another layer of service to our trainees with their succession planning and career advancement.”

Debra Leazenby
Training and Development, National Community Renaissance (CORE)

“With half of our company’s staff being spread out across the country (and world), LatitudeLearning has allowed us to provide the same training to all employees, not just those at one location. LatitudeLearning eliminates frustration by allowing employees to take training courses conditional to their own schedule.”

Laura Abney
Instructional Design and eLearning Coordinator, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

We never sell it and forget it

At LatitudeLearning, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive employee training solutions tailored to various types of employee training needs. It’s not about selling the technology and moving on. It’s about working together to meet your needs and solve your challenges. 

In it for the Long Haul

In the learning technology space, vendor relationships can often be measured in months rather than years. Longevity is hard to come by, and about 40% of companies are actively looking to replace their current provider.

LatitudeLearning has a 95% client retention rate and a 100% LMS implementation success rate.

For more than 20 years, Latitude has been at the forefront of employee training and development, assisting both large and small organizations in harnessing technology to enhance employee and partner performance. Clients not only benefit from the employee training benefits our solutions offer but also rely on our software and consulting to optimize channel performance and improve the effectiveness of their employee training and development programs and certification initiatives.

Building long-lasting relationships with our clients is as much a priority to us as delivering an award-winning learning platform. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our high implementation success and client retention rates. Latitude embodies one of the key pillars of adopting technology —

don’t buy a platform, select a partner who can help you hit your goals.