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Training employees and partners in extended enterprises is becoming more and more of a necessity as we are feeling the effects of the global skill gap. With many new recruits coming into our organizations with limited knowledge of the more intricate details of manufacturing, products, and services – we are forced to educate them ourselves to the best of our ability.

When tackling the monstrous task of building a training program that is customized to our individual users and their place in the organization, scalable to meet the needs of global organizations, and dynamic to incorporate the needs for updates to maintain accreditation, it can feel overwhelming to find a way to add in prerequisite training to bring new network members up to speed on what your organization may offer.

The need to fill this gap is being felt more than ever before, and with a new perspective on recruiting and career-building for skilled trades, we can hope that the future is bright for skilled trades in the automotive and manufacturing industries. 

Until that time, we have to meet that need ourselves, and we can do that with the help of LatitudeLearning and their customizable Learning Management System (LMS), built to scale with your organization and maintain technician accreditation and their recent partnership with BizLibrary.

The Power of LatitudeLearning

LatitudeLearning is a versatile learning management system (LMS) designed to streamline training processes and enhance learning outcomes. Its features are tailored to meet the diverse needs of organizations across various industries and offer a training management solution for extended enterprises and complex organizations. LatitudeLearning has built an LMS that is revolutionary in its ability to incorporate the needs of skills-based training.

This is a feat that other LMS platforms find challenging to manage, as they are tailored more to the human resources component of training and not to the daily ins and outs of what it takes to perform the employee’s job appropriately, accompanied by additional resources they might need.

With the ability to customize training content and create a branded and tailored learning environment, LatitudeLearning fosters a sense of belonging and ownership among learners. This customization drives engagement as learners feel the content is tailored to their current skill gaps, abilities, and development goals, driving a higher percentage of participation.

The analytics offered by LatitudeLearning’s platform are a fantastic feature that also drives participation. These analytics and reporting capabilities provide insights into learner progress, helping the organizations identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas that may need improvement. These features help training managers understand what their trainees need more of in their on-the-job training and help them stay relevant to the trainee’s needs. 

For extended enterprises, a standard LMS just doesn’t cut it. There are so many variables across multiple locations spread all over the globe. LatitudeLearning takes the guesswork out of the training program for large organizations and is dynamic in its training needs across multiple industries. 

When seeking an LMS that can keep up with accreditation and certification of technicians, there is none that is parallel to that of LatitudeLearning. This advanced feature ensures compliance with industry standards by offering tools to create, track, and manage certifications. This is especially crucial in industries such as OEMs, Healthcare, and Finance.

The Advantages of BizLibrary

The partnership of LatitudeLearning with BizLibrary essentially changes the game of your training program. BizLibrary specializes in providing a vast library of high-quality e-learning content. It’s known for its comprehensive collection of training videos, microlearning modules, and resources that cover a wide range of topics.

When building training courses in LatitudeLearning LMS, they are entirely customizable — and with our newest partnership with BizLibrary, some of that customization can be handled for you with a library of over 12,000 courses that can be applied in multiple industries. Their content is also regularly updated, providing the most current information in all of their modules. 

By leaning on pre-built course materials that pertain to your organization, you limit the amount of material that will require customization. This is a massive weight off your training manager’s shoulders and allows them to devote their time and energy to customizing the components of your LMS that need the most attention, leading to an overall higher quality training program. 

If you have an LMS that already has quite a bit of content, but you’re looking to fill a few gaps, BizLibrary can help here too! With a comprehensive library of courses that can be customized to your organization, there is sure to be just the thing to complete your training platform and add a more cohesive element to your program. BizLIbrary has convenient integration capabilities that make it easy to integrate its content seamlessly into various LMS platforms, enhancing the overall learning experience. 

Most of all, BizLibrary has content that is engaging. With thousands of micro-learning videos and interactive modules, you’ll have everything you need to create content that is built for engagement and retention of the information. Engaging material is also more likely to keep trainees on track with their learning milestones and development plans. 

The Synergy of Integration

When LatitudeLearning and BizLibrary join forces, the result is a harmonious blend of comprehensive LMS capabilities and a rich bank of e-learning content. Backed by the learning content you need to succeed, you can focus your energy on the more intricate details of your training program.

With training content built to support different learning preferences to drive engagement and efficient delivery of the content through structured courses, you can enhance the effectiveness of your training program.

Keeping information in your program relevant is a constant challenge for many LMS platforms. The integration of LatitudeLearning with BizLibrary supports your organization’s ability to scale your training efforts while maintaining a high standard of quality content that is relevant. 

With the integrations and metrics of LatitudeLearning and the well-curated content from BizLibrary, you can build a stellar training program based on analytic data that keeps your trainees engaged and fills their gaps with ease. 

The integration of LatitudeLearning and BizLibrary brings together the best of both worlds, creating a comprehensive learning ecosystem that empowers employees and drives organizational success. By leveraging LatitudeLearning’s robust LMS capabilities and BizLibrary’s extensive content library, organizations can foster a culture of continuous learning, meet compliance requirements, and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the business landscape. 

As the partnership between these two platforms continues to evolve, organizations are poised to unlock new levels of growth and potential. For more information on this partnership and how you can benefit from it, visit our website and set up your inquiry with LatitudeLearning today! 

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