How to Provide Engaging Training Content Easily

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In order to keep your learners engaged in your training program, you have to have relevant, interesting, and fresh content.

Training content and ongoing maintenance of that content usually represent a significant portion of your training program costs. When weighed against the ongoing challenges of refreshing core content to support your products, skill development, and accreditation across your partners, it can feel like a huge task to tackle – but you can’t stop the refresh and update process.

Add to that the global skill gap breathing down your neck – you really need to focus on the type of content that will get your extended enterprise partners developed appropriately and accredited, not the other stuff.

Without updated relevant content, you could lose the engagement of your learners, which will have a serious impact on your bottom line. Think of your NPS (net promoter score) ratings and other KPIs (key performance indicators) that can be tied directly to training performance. Your training matters to your organization, and the ability to keep your training fresh and updated matters even more. 

The Appeal Of Ready-Made Content

When you start making the list of all the training content that needs to be created or updated, keep ready-made content libraries in mind! These libraries are a lifesaver for your business that still needs the functionality of general (HR, soft skills, and business skills) training but can save you from the headache of creating them.

With commonly used content that bridges multiple industries, libraries like Biz Library help you integrate their content into your LMS (learning management system) to take some of the burden of content creation off your shoulders. 

This saves a lot of time on your content creation, allowing you to focus your resources on the topics that are specific to your organization and can bridge the skill gaps that constrain your organization’s success. 

Why Are Premade Libraries Worth The Investment? 

Content creation requires two things: time and money. You can spend both; odds are, you’d rather spend your money.

Content creation can be time-consuming, especially initially. But the clock doesn’t exactly stop once you’ve created the content and launched the program. Your training program is a living, breathing entity and will require regular updates to keep the content relevant and fresh. Stale content = disengaged audience, and – as we’ve already pointed out – you don’t want that. 

BizLibrary offers a lovely incentive along with its content, and that is that it is always fresh. Their content is constantly maintained and updated to align with your industry of choice. With relevant and updated content, you can still have the information relayed to your learners while avoiding content that has sat on the shelf for years and become stale. 

While the price point to creating your own content may feel advantageous in the beginning, you will miss out on the benefits of fresh and updated content that is always available immediately across multiple modalities. 

With BizLibrary, you can have a content library in place tomorrow, allowing you to launch much faster with the utmost quality at the forefront. 

What Type Of Content Should You Create?

Always save the heavy lifting of content creation for topics specific to your company, products, and processes. Your partner members will need to know very specific information and develop specific skills based on the products, brands, or types they are reselling or servicing. 

Your organization will be unique to others, and you will want to have fully branded content that promotes the intricacies of your organization and your partners. These are the modules that will require a special, unique touch to bring engaging content to life for your network members. 

Does Your LMS Have What It Takes?

Extended enterprises have very complex needs when it comes to the functionality of an LMS. Most corporate LMS platforms aren’t able to accommodate a skills-based approach to training. Extended enterprises have to evolve their training platforms to view competency-based training beyond a one-and-done approach.

Skills are dynamic, which means that competency, too, is dynamic. Keeping fresh content is one of the most important concepts to ensuring your technicians stay in stride with the evolution of the industry and the accreditation standards.

LatitudeLearning is the LMS for extended enterprises that are ready to take their skills-based training to the next level. Integrating seamlessly with the dynamic lifestyle of extended enterprises, LatitudeLearning offers many benefits, from customization of learning pathways to in-depth analytics, metrics, and reporting capabilities. 

LatitudeLearning makes it easy for you to stay on top of the training needs of the members across your organization while still bringing the personal touch that learners need to feel engaged and valued.

All That And A Bag Of Premade Content

LatitudeLearning is excited to be a BizLibrary partner. With the functionality and versatility of training deployment to accommodate the needs of extended enterprises, coupled with premade content to cover the basics – this is the learning management duo you won’t want to miss out on.

If you’re tired of struggling with keeping content updated and relevant and your LMS or training program needs a face-lift, LatitudeLearning and BizLibrary can help you get your content squared away and launched quickly! 

See what LatidudeLearning and BizLibrary can do for your training program! 

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