Person to Person Reporting

Person to Person Reporting is one of the two ways to create managerial relationships in LatitudeLearning. This type of reporting hierarchy allows Portal Administrators to set up direct relationships between Users, rather than their assigned Position CodesEach person may have zero, one, or multiple managers, similar to the way many organizations are structured today. These relationships enable managers to view training progress, approve course enrollments, and manage user goals.

Person to Person Reporting is the ideal solution if your organization directly assigns employees  to their training managers. With this reporting structure, LatitudeLearning can support contemporary managerial relationships, especially when these connections cross functional areas or departments.

In the example below, Rita is a Service Manager who is required to assign training and review progress of a handful of employees – not all of which are in the service department. Raul is an employee who may or may not be in the service department and in his user profile, Rita is assigned as his direct manager.

It is easy to assign managers to a population of students. If you are starting with a new LMS, the User Import Template provides a column for Manager and Alternate Managers. The User Import tool will assign the manager listed for each employee. When you go into an employee’s user profile, you will see all the managers listed for that individual. The User Import tool will also prevent circular managerial assignment, meaning a subordinate cannot be a manager to his manager.

Add manager relationships between existing users by editing their User Profile, clicking the the "Managers" component and adding selecting a their manager's Username. In the screenshot below, one manager has been assigned through user import and the administrator is adding additional manager with the "Select a Manager" tool.