Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials



"The LMS training at VIP Tires & Service is fully internal and much of it involves video presentations and demonstrations. Latitude’s LMS is compliant with Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 1.2 and 2004, which enables Denis to easily integrate video presentations made through Adobe Captivate. Once the material is loaded into the LMS app, “it spreads it to every employee and then measures what every employee is doing with it.” The courses loads into the LMS are designed for managers and every employee in the store, specifically the technicians. VIP Tires & Service offers its employees a varied selection of how-to videos, safety presentations, and a full spectrum of educational content to provide them with the best training possible. “If there’s something that will teach a new employee how to do the job correctly, I’ll load it in."

Denis Daigle
LMS Director and Operations Support


"With LatitudeLearning, we’re able to reach a different and much wider audience. We’re also able to provide online courses, which prepares our members and non-members to become a certified arborist and is something we’re very proud of offering."

Eduardo Aliskevich
Director of Educational Products and Services


"Traditional in-class training overhead has been reduced since implementing LatitudeLearning in our training program, time for class room set-up has been truncated and energy can now be diverted to other essential office services."

Promise Igodo
LMS Administrator


"The technology’s reporting abilities, licensing costs where all factors when deciding to select learning a platform. LatitudeLearning stood out amongst other LMS vendors in providing a seamless user experience."

Ann Higgs
Director of Learning and Development


"CyberSkills is confident in their training and ongoing development approach. Each course they have offers different learning style channels, which may include everything you’d expect from an online college course to an audio book to listen to at your own pace. We’re confident that by partnering with Latitude CG our company is going to help us handle our current growth stage smoothly. We cannot wait to see where we’ll be at with them in another six months."

Richard D. Pollack
Chief Learning Officer and President


"LatitudeLearning's LMS has reduced cost on lost production on the floor by not holding large classroom training sessions."

Barry Suttles
Safey & Environmental Specialist


"By using Latitude’s LMS, it will push Jibu into a major growth company because they’ll be able to handle and train as needed. They plan to utilize their LMS for ongoing training strategies that can be used internationally, which solves a major challenge for them because a lot of their franchise and microfranchise owners span across several countries in Africa."

Galen Welsch
Co-founder and CEO


"Capability and logic of the LMS is such that it literally eliminates even a remote possibility to face frustration or failures in our organization and management of training. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive set of tools needed for successful and trouble-free training organization, management and delivery."

Tom Zorman
Managing Director


"With half of our company's staff being spread out across the country (and world), LatitudeLearning has allowed us to provide the same training to all employees, not just those at one location."

Laura Abney
Instructional Design and eLearning Coordinator


"Well-trained associates who can offer knowledgeable advice are critical to independent pet stores' success and survival. Partnering with Latitude has been an important factor in Pet Store Pro's growth. We've been able to create a customized user interface that's tailored to retailers' specific needs and comfort level with technology, while tapping into a stable and well-supported LMS on the backend."

Stephanie Kaplan
Director of Online Education


“Latitude's solution is perfect for the Dealer industry. The brilliant thing about Latitude is that they have experience with a dealer network distribution channel. One of the main reasons why we made a switch to Latitude was because we are looking to penetrate within the dealerships more broadly."

Laurie Rengel
Manager of Service Dealer Development


“Latitude best met my training needs and my budget. Although Latitude is a bit complex and has a learning curve, that is what makes it so functional and versatile. The complexity behind the scenes allows the screens to be very simple and user friendly. Latitude gave me the flexibility I needed. I like that I can customize my log in page and the landing page for learners, keeping it very simple. The initial training was very useful and helped get me up to speed quickly. And, the pricing structure allows me to start slow and grow the program.

Getting the first course up and running was a great benefit as I could see how the system worked and be sure that Latitude was the right choice for me. I am excited to transition my primary Training Series to Latitude. I will be able to offer different groupings of the segments to meet various training needs, such as using the same segments as part of initial volunteer orientation, annual reviews, or in-services. This will allow me to market the training for different purposes.”
Pat Carver
Owner of Pat Carver Media


“Our mission is to ensure the highest of standards in the specialty of emergency medicine; we couldn’t do it without Latitude’s efforts. The advances we have had to make couldn’t have been done without the concrete partnership.”
Earl J. Reisdorff
M.D., Executive Director, ABEM

"We have always placed a high premium on the relationship simply because it requires a work-in-progress approach. Unlike most vendor-clients associations, ABEM and Latitude are more similar to a partner relationship which is why the strength is solid."
 John Diephouse
Associate Executive Director, Operations, ABEM


"After doing a comparison analysis of several LMS providers, Latitude prevailed in providing clear and understandable LMS service and product descriptions. The initial decision gave me a lot of comfort and confidence that Latitude was going to be able to be a suitable and reliable LMS provider."
Iyad Hadba
CEO, Excellence Factors International


“Our primary motivator was to be able to deliver and track training for our staff and volunteers. There are a lot of training systems available, but Latitude had a great combination of services for tracking training and assessment. The ability to track progress and have consistent and reliable records for each new employee saves us a lot of time, but more importantly, it helps us save animal lives."
Kristy Graszak
Staff Development Manager, Michigan Humane Society


"Latitude’s LMS is very concise and does exactly what we need it to do such as deploy and record content as well as allow our technicians to be certified. If there is ever a compliance issue it is very simple to verify which technicians have taken which courses in the look-up process."
Jim Wedoff
Technical Trainer, UniCarriers America Corporation


"The Latitude LMS makes it possible to start small and grow through its policy of free use for up to 100 users. This enables start-up and small businesses to launch a program and let it grow to a point where the fees can be more easily absorbed. It doesn’t stop there. Schomer sees the benefits with Latitude aren’t just in the LMS system but more importantly with the team of people at Latitude she interacts with. “The experience from working with Latitude has been their excellent support and responsiveness to user needs."
Karine Schomer
President, Change Management Consulting & Training


“When I started the journey to find the perfect LMS my mission was to find a partner who could help me through the technical aspect of the system. I knew how to deploy the information but I wasn’t comfortable with picking an LMS that fit my needs. I was immediately impressed with how I was initially spoken to which was not at a tech level that only a programmer could understand. Latitude talked to me at my level.
What I like most about Latitude was that I could rely on people there to help me accomplish something rather than trying to constantly upselling me. Latitude understood my needs and was willing to help me achieve them."
Ray Miller
Managing Partner, The Training Bank


"Latitude is accountable for their work. They deliver on their promise; projects get done on time. It is clear to us that Latitude knows what the clients want and delivers on it,”
Jim Bradbury
President, Grand Rapids Controls


“One of the biggest challenges of a workforce that is spread out around the world is being able to create a sense of community and deliver effective training. Our clients need to be assured of a uniform level of service from our Destination Consultants. Going-there is meeting this demand by creating the world’s first and only certification program for Destination Consultants – the Certified Destination Consultant ProfessionalSM (CDCPSM) designation. Latitude Learning’s LMS allows our Destination Consultants to access this program anytime, anywhere. It also allows us the ability to track their progress and assist, when needed. The LMS has opened up innovative new training opportunities that we didn’t anticipate when we partnered with Latitude Learning.”
Debra Burton
Vice President, Talent & Organization Effectiveness


“We are in in the process of integrating the Latitude LMS into our operations. The ability to provide flexible options and maintain our training objectives is vital to our continued success. We feel confident that our new training platform will deliver just that.”
Thomas Adair, Director of Operations
Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


“The Action Alliance is excited to partner with Latitude Learning in order to expand access to educational materials to enhance the response to survivors of sexual and domestic violence in Virginia."
Quillin Musgrave, Member Support Manager
Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance


“Selecting the Latitude Learning LMS was part of a strategic initiative to create pathways to a more performance based support model. Our goal is that all the LMS users will be able to access a more user friendly interface and find all the tools they need in one place.”
Tracey Short, Program Manager
Learning Designs Incorporated


“At National CORE we are so excited to have this invaluable tool to assist in tracking the training for our employees. This system will provide another layer of service to our trainees with their succession planning and career advancement.”
Debra Leazenby, Training and Development Manager
National Community Renaissance (CORE)


“We were looking for an LMS that could support both online training and our administrative needs for classroom training and we felt that Latitude’s system did that.”
Kelli Henderson, HR Development Specialist
Auburn University

Clay Kelley LMS  

“I am excited to be partnering with Latitude Learning. They understand the HR Outsourcing business model and their support has been phenomenal. Their system allows my clients to access a robust and yet easy to use platform. The relationship between my clients, our firm and Latitude is a win - win – win all around.”
Clay Kelley, CEO


“We are looking forward to implementing the system and utilizing its many features to help us better meet the needs of the communities we serve.”
Michele Mazine, Assistant Training Director
Project RISE


“We completed due diligence on 20 LMS providers. From that group we selected 10 to provide additional product demonstrations and Latitude proved to be the best based on several factors. The product meets our business needs, but as a service company we are ultimately a business of people and it was the people at Latitude that we felt made for a great match.”
Rob Ackley, Vice President of Human Resources


“We were looking for a something established, yet flexible, that didn’t require us to start from scratch and could grow with us. We found that Latitude was a good fit for us.”
Janica Rogers, Marketing Manager
Bureau of Education & Research


"Our customers are primarily law firms that are focused on compliance due to the nature of their work for the financial services industry. Having a uniform platform like Latitude Learning available to them provides the necessary training and reporting capabilities, and allows us to easily track and manage that training."
Gerald Alt, President
LOGS Network


"We are excited to work with Latitude Learning. We look forward to using the LMS to extend training throughout our [geographically diverse] network."
Carmen Sorensen, Director of Training
Victory Packaging


"We’ve been very pleased with Latitude Learning. The service prior to purchase was excellent. They answered all our questions, they talked to IT, they’ve been very helpful."
Janet Smith, Communications Manager
LOGS Network


"The Latitude LMS is a highly-anticipated platform that will bring Brainlab to the next level in delivering customer education. In conjunction with our strong classroom and onsite trainings, customers will have the opportunity to leverage the LMS for continuing education purposes. The LMS offers eLearning and virtual classroom capability, enhancing our training portfolio and making knowledge more impactful and accessible."
Paul Neil, Director of Corporate Education



“The blended learning solution helps us to achieve company objectives. The blended learning model is consistent with other company objectives of lean activity, flexibility, saving energy and eliminating waste. We’re seeing behaviors changed in a positive way.”
Thomas Munley, Human Resources VP
Inteva Products


“I discovered Latitude Learning while researching options for a new LMS partner. From the first interaction I knew that these guys were different from the rest. They took the time necessary to determine our needs and provided us with a solution that certainly exceeded our expectations and costs were significantly less than our previous LMS provider. Above all else, they have stood behind their commitment to us with support and they are always there to help answer questions. Our Company training program has advanced leaps and bounds just in the short time we have been with Latitude and the results are starting to pay off.”

Aaron Hackett, Director of Operations Administration
VIP – Parts, Tires and Service

Chrysler Academy 2.0 LMS

“Latitude and the Ektron WCM have revolutionized the way we engage our Chrysler Academy learners.”
Bob Hoyer, Chrysler Academy Manager
Chrysler Group

Retail Advocacy LMS    

“The Latitude Learning LMS enables us to quickly inform sales associates of campaigns and help increase sales and profitability.  The flexibility of the Latitude Learning LMS is awesome. I’ve recommended it to many of our clients looking to improve service delivery in the retail environment." 
David Goodwin, Owner
Retail Advocacy Group

Learning Designs LMS    

“ presents the best balance of effective training with a robust LMS platform that we’ve seen in the training marketplace. Leveraging its simple yet sophisticated LMS allows us to focus on our core competency: developing well-designed training that helps our customers maximize the potential of their human capital.”
Mary Carter, President
Learning Designs


“We did a great deal of due diligence, seeking a LMS that met our program’s needs while positioning us to add capabilities and grow our user base. met all of our requirements and provided additional user and administrator functionality.” 
Stephanie Kaplan, Director of Online Education
Pet Industry Distributors Association


“This system is a tremendous addition to our workforce development and training programs, as well as to our HOPE Village neighborhood initiative. Additionally, we expect that this system will be a key feature of our delivery of learning opportunities in our new Family Learning Center, which is scheduled to open in June. It is gratifying when we find partners who are willing to donate the use of such excellent and cutting edge tools to further our work in the use of intelligent and practical action to combat racism, poverty and injustice.
William F. Jones, Jr., CEO
Focus: HOPE


“It is always a pleasure to see our relationships with our consultants and vendors become as positive as this one. Latitude is now an integral part of our functioning. ABEM staff and Latitude are to be congratulated on the development of this solid working relationship.”
Dr. Mary Ann Reinhart, Executive Director
American Board of Emergency Medicine

Chrysler LMS

“With the help of Latitude solutions, the Chrysler Group is able to extend learning and certification courses to dealers, gauge dealer performance and identify critical factors that impact overall dealership performance.”
Patrick Kittle, Director
Chrysler Group

"Chrysler has been able to engage the dealership community as active learning participants, lower printing and delivery costs, reduce the time to deliver information and improve the customer experience."
Brandon Hall

"…positioned for high-impact sales readiness, channel/client management, and certification programs. Large organizations with disparate departments requiring a holistic management construct should investigate the platform. Furthermore, medium sized sales or service organization with expectations of growth should take a hard look at [Latitude's] LMS to leverage future growth plans."
Brandon Hall