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Latitude's PartnerCONNECT Suite is a highly customizable cloud-based software that gives you the tools you need to drive partner (e.g. franchise, agent, broker, reseller, etc.) performance through the optimization of training, communications, measurements and incentives. 

The PartnerCONNECT Suite includes the following software solutions:

Our clients love our LMS. It's the affordable Learning Management System (LMS) that adapts to you. We want you to get to know us and our Learning Center. That's why our learning management system is totally free for up to 100 users. Sign up for a free LMS and use it as long as you want.

Manage your partner training and certification programs. Certification and product training are key to success but being able to measure and validate who has taken the training is equally as important.

To learn more about PartnerCONNECT's LearningCenter, click here.

Employ powerful analytic tools that identify key areas for improvement. Using solid, reliable data enables your organization to focus on what really matters.

To learn more about PartnerCONNECT's Scorecard, click here.

Create a community portal with social media (e.g. blogs and forums) and user-driven content (e.g. product information, best practices, etc.). Implement a central location where all information regarding your partner program is accessed and shared. Create a place where your members build professional social capital.

To learn more about PartnerCONNECT's CommunityPortal, click here.

Manage your partner incentive (e.g. Spifs) program. Actions at the point of sale will vary by partner. Incenting the behaviors that are promoting engagement and growth of the program help to solidify and promote consistency across the program.

To learn more about PartnerCONNECT's IncentiveEngine, click here.

Generate leads for your partners. Create communication tools and programs designed to drive traffic and convert that traffic into viable leads.

To learn more about PartnerCONNECT's LeadMAX, click here.


  Your Partner Learning Center for...

Franchise Training

Increase operational performance by training ALL your franchisee employees. Learn more...

Retail Training

Ramp up your store associates quicker through training. Learn more...

Customer Training

Reduce help desk calls by cost effectively training your customers.

Reseller Training

Increase sales by training ALL of your resellers' sales staff on your latest product innovations. Learn more...

Service Channel Training

Lower warranty costs by training ALL authorized service technicians. Learn more...

Training Firms

Grow your business by using our LMS to deliver training to your clients. Learn more...

Compliance Training

Ensure your contractors and employees are in compliance with industry requirements.



Latitude Learning Headlines

May 21 - Setting Up a Course Deadline and Due Date Reminders
Latitude Learning has made it easy for LMS administrators to set course completion deadlines, as well as automated due date reminders for enrolled students. Setting a course deadline does not create a universal “due date” in the traditional sense, but instead sets a strict timeline for the number of days in which an individual user is granted access to the course, counting from their Enrollment Date forward. If a user does not complete the course within the outlined time frame, he or she will be blocked from viewing the course details and all associated content.
[Read More...]
May 20 - Restrict Course Visibility and Open Enrollment Dates
A Course Catalog, or the list of courses to which users have access, is made available at the Business Unit level of the LMS organizational structure. Assigning courses to one or more Business Units is the fundamental way in which Portal Administrators scope course accessibility and create unique course catalogs to meet the specific training requirements of each organization.

While the Business Unit offers a high-level filter for course visibility and access rights, many other settings determine an individual user’s ability to find, view, and enroll in a course within his or her Course Catalog. Learn how to utilize various date settings in Course and Offering setup to restrict visibility and enrollment options.   [Read More...]
May 19 - Nominate An Outstanding 2015 Grad

Help us recognize exceptional students by nominating an outstanding graduate.

All nominated students must be a 2015 high school graduate. All winners will receive coffee related gifts. First prize winner will receive a Keurig Coffee Brewing Machine.

Nominations for Outstanding Graduates must be received by Thursday, June 30, 2015.

[Read More...]
May 15 - Utilize Wait Lists for Classroom Course Enrollment

When a Portal Administrator or Instructor is enrolling others in a Classroom course, some scenarios are likely to occur:

  • There are not enough seats left in the Offering to accommodate those who are trying to enroll in it.
  • There is room for some extra students, but the maximum enrollment limit has been reached. For instance, an Offering may have moved to a room with a larger capacity than originally noted.
  • An enrolled student cancels, opening a seat for another user.
The Latitude Learning LMS  helps you manage these and other scenarios using the flexible functionality of the Wait List feature.  [Read More...]
May 14 - Set Prerequisite Rules for a Course or Course Series
Prerequisites are used to define enrollment eligibility rules, which are enforced by the LMS during the course enrollment process. Portal Administrators can establish rules related to a user’s position, user group membership or training history to specify eligibility requirements. These rules are strict, but can be adjusted at anytime. The concept is to configure courses to reserve enrollment for students who fulfill eligibility criteria, and therefore prevent all others from enrolling.
[Read More...]

Free LMS for Charity™

Latitude provides free learning management systems to charities and other non-profits to train those in need.
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