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With over 20,000 LearningCenter set-ups our cloud-based 
Learning Management System addresses the challenges of partner training...

Partner employees are unknown
Unlike most organizations, partner networks do not have the luxury to rely on a Human Resource Information System to manage users.

No management command
Partners cannot require employees or their supervisors involved in the network to take training.

Partner employees work at multiple locations
Partner employees often work at multiple locations in multiple roles for multiple employers both simultaneously and throughout their career.

Owners own multiple units
Partner training programs must support owners that own several locations.

Supported by multiple field organizations
Partner networks are typically supported by multiple field organizations (e.g. sales, service, training) and need an LMS that can support them.

Unique, successful business model
A unique business model includes unique training processes that are core to the mission.

LatitudeLearning is the LMS for your... 

sales and service channels. Channel partners come in many forms:

Franchise Training  Increase operational performance by training all your franchise employees.

Training Firms  Grow your business by using our LMS to deliver training to your clients.

Service Channel Training  Lower warranty costs by training all authorized service technicians.

Retail Training  Ramp up your store associates quicker through training.

Agent/Broker Training  Increase sales by training all sales staff and managing compliance.

Reseller Training  Increase sales by training all of your resellers' sales staff on your latest product innovations.

Customer Training  Reduce help desk calls by cost effectively training your customers.

CFPB Training  Successfully deliver your organization's definition of CFPB compliant and track progress of your employees.

Supplier Training  Ensure consistency and accountability by offering safety and training programs to all your suppliers and contractors.

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