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  • 72% of organizations are currently working towards making compliance training more strategic
  • 47% of organizations believe learning has played a moderate role in helping employees transition to remote work as a result of adapting to COVID-19
  • The ability to train in-person helps drive quality, increases customer satisfaction and reduces long-term costs with lower warranty claims and fewer calls to the support team

Certification, Compliance and Competency: How Companies adapted during the pandemic to address remote learning challenges

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reverberate and affect companies of all sizes and industries. Organizations that require certification, compliance and demonstration of competency through participation in structured, often intensive hands-on training programs, were especially impacted. And while many organizations adapted to do what they could, the ability for some to pivot from hands-on learning activities proved difficult and often impossible.

Latitude teamed up with Brandon Hall to discover how companies adapted during the pandemic to address remote learning challenges. We gathered information from training managers on how their organization managed to maintain certification, compliance and competency during the pandemic and beyond.

Discussion topics include:

  • How was your compliance/certification-based program impacted by COVID?
  • What accommodations did you need to make to maintain your programs?
  • Were their business impacts related to the accommodations?
  • Are their limitations in Technology that need to be addressed to make it more viable?
  • What strategies are being explored to address the long-term need?