Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

The Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) is a professional association serving wholesaler-distributors. PIDA was using a learning management system (LMS) they had purchased from another association, which had been developed from scratch.

As PIDA’s user base grew, it was clear that the homegrown system needed significant customizing to address important features that PIDA now needed. Changes were laborious, record keeping was a challenge, and reporting functions left a great deal to be desired. 

Before long, PIDA was looking for a better solution to educate and improve the learning environment for sales associates at pet stores.

PIDA partnered with LatitudeLearning to launch a customized learning portal with the features and reporting capabilities they needed. Discover how LatitudeLearning LMS helped PIDA achieve these goals:

  • Easily track student progress
  • Higher expertise among employees
  • Greater customer service
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Improved employee retention
ClientPet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA)

PIDA sought a better learning platform to educate associates and customers with more robust features and functionality. Benefits of LatitudeLearning extended to workers, management and customers.