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Not all learning management systems are created equal. Your LMS should make the delivery and monitoring of your training program easier. If you're comprising certain aspects of your training program to fit within your LMS instead of the other way around, it's time you demand more.

LatitudeLearning was designed to address the complexities of managing partner (extended enterprise) training programs. Partner training is training an organization provides among individuals that are core to their business, such as: associates, franchises, agents, brokers, etc. Since these individuals are partners rather than employees, ensuring training is completed and effective becomes harder to maintain.


The Six Partner Training Challenges
Employees Are Unknown
Corporate LMSs rely on a feed from an HRIS system to manage users. Partner training programs do not have the luxury of an HRIS system.
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No Management Command & Control
Corporate training programs rely on the management chain of command to ensure employees participate in required training.

Partners cannot require training or establish minimal performance standards such as condition of employment for partner's employees or their supervisors.
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Employees Work at Multiple Locations
Corporate training programs only have to worry about employees that have one job, work for one manager at one employer and have one career path.

Partner employees work at multiple locations in multiple roles for multiple employers both simultaneously and throughout their careers.
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Owners Own Multiple Units
Corporate training programs only have to support managers that manage a single organizational unit within the organization's single organization structure chart.

Partner training programs must support owners that own several locations.
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Supported by Multiple Field Organizations
Corporate training programs support corporate organizational units that belong to only one corporate organizational structure.

Partners are typically supported by multiple field organizations (e.g. sales, service, training, logistics). Partner training programs must support these multiple field organizations and their unique organizational structures.
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Your Unique & Successful Business Model
Corporate training programs can adapt their training processes to the generic workflows in a corporate LMS because their processes support but are not core to the organization's mission.

You have a unique, successful business model which you need to sell to your partners. This includes unique training processes and workflows that are core to your mission and cannot be changed to generic workflows.
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