In order to maximize impact, it's essential to integrate crucial information at the point of need. What does it mean to be integrated? Embedding training and training statistics into employees and managers daily operations. This allows for maximum engagement by empowering your team to stay put, instead of forcing them to leave their current applications to log into the LMS. How can you access all that pivotal information that's locked up in your Learning Mangament System? Through myPlatform™.

Latitude's myPlatform™ program grants access to a set of more than 200 APIs that can be called for deep customization, to be placed on any application that you have programming rights to. The most common use for myPlatform™ is embedded training for employees. But our toolbox of APIs allows for more powerful uses as well. Practically every student function, manager function, instructor function, and administrator function - allowing you to go beyond just embedded training. For example, if your managers work off a manager dashboard, myPlatform™ will allow you to embed the progress of their team member's training goal right on the dashboard. Eliminating the need to log into the Learning Management System to see progress.

Break out of the LMS Straight Jacket that most vendors try to force you into with myPlatform™!