Customer Training

Cost Effectively Train Your Customers

Depending on the nature of the product being sold, customer training may be just as important as the training provided to the employees that made it. Customer training is a practice heavily prevalent in products that are complex. These items are difficult to use and require providing the consumer with some type of education on how to use.

The most typical training provided by a manufacturer or retailer to a customer is found in business-to-business (B2B) selling. Individual consumers looking to buy a product for personal use or consumption usually don't purchase complex items that require extensive training for their home.   

For example, a medical device company that sells to hospitals must provide safety and instructional training on how to properly operate their equipment. The most effective and efficient way to administer and manage this training is through a learning management system that understands the complexities involved with training individuals outside of your organization.

One of the biggest challenges faced when administering customer training is the fact that the individuals that need training are unknown to the manufacturer or retailer providing the training. This creates a problem when managing and enrolling users on a typical LMS platform. LatitudeLearning enables users to request LMS access and allows appointed managers to approve & configure requests as well as automatically deactivate inactive users.

Using the hospital example above, most hospitals operate under multiple locations and it's not uncommon for doctors, or any medical professional, to use multiple medical devices within these locations. Using an LMS sophisticated enough to recognize activities under multiple locations is very valuable to all players involved: the manufacturer providing the training, the hospital executives and the medical professionals.

When it comes to repairing big ticket items, such as medical equipment, it's very common for the manufacturer to outsource repairs to a local technician that they have partnered with. In this case, your business model is supported by multiple field organizations - your sales and service sector. LatitudeLearning allows for partners to belong to multiple field organizations and allows each field organization to have its own organizational structure.

For all of the unique processes described above, organizations with the need to offer customer training carry a unique business model that is a core part of the way they do business. Training and workflows should be extremely tailored to your business model instead of your organization tailoring its training and workflows to work into a standard LMS. 

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