Reseller Training

Optimize Your Sales Channel

The awarding-winning LatitudeLearning Learning Management System (LMS) was built for Fortune 500 companies to manage sales channel certification and training programs. 

Studies by the University of Michigan indicate that participation in certification-based training is the #1 discriminator between high and low performing sales channels.

Managing sales channel training programs requires learning management systems to provide functionality that is unique to external workforce training.

First, the learning management system must support complex organizational relationships. For example, a reseller might "report" to one field organization for sales and another for Sales.

Second, the LMS must support complex certification requirements.  In addition to course and assessment requirements, sales certification rules often include performance-based and department objectives.  For example, a reseller's customer satisfaction rating must be over a certain score in order to be certified or they must have at least five certified technicians.

Third, the learning management system must be able to manage and coordinate instructor led training over a large geographic area.  That is, a Paris-based partner may only be interested in instructor led training offered in France, while a Dallas-based partner may only be interested in classroom-based training offered in Texas.

Forth, and most important,the learning management system must be able to adapt to your organizations workflows and processes.  You shouldn't have to adapt your processes to suite your LMS.

The LatitudeLearning LMS supports these and other sales channel training requirements.

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