Polaris Corporation

In business since 1955, Polaris has more than 30 brands and 2019 sales of $6.8B. With 34,000 active user accounts spanning 3,600 dealers across the globe LatitudeLearning delivered more than 345,000 course completions over the last 12 months.

  • Comprehensive training support for internal and external users, including employees,dealers, and third-party independent users
  • Support multiple brand locations
  • Ensure Polaris-specific compliance and development training for employees
  • Ensures technical and sales training for Polaris dealers
  • Provides training on policies and expectations for Polaris suppliers
  • Polaris Adventures Outfitters supplied with technical and Adventures-specific trainingcontent

Polaris now operates 21 global manufacturing locations, five research and development centers, and distributes products through approximately 3,600 dealers around the world. In 2019, more than 400,000 units were shipped to more than 120 countries where Polaris products are sold.

Employee training across a corporate landscape as vast as Polaris’ presented a challenge that was met by the LatitudeLearning platform. Polaris became a Latitude customer in 2015. During the last five years, LatitudeLearning has delivered a central hub for comprehensive training across six training sites: Employee, Dealer, International Dealer, Third Party (Independent), Polaris Adventures, and Polaris Suppliers.

Such exponential growth requires the flawless delivery of brand-specific training to thousands of locations and tens of thousands multi-role learners across a global entity.

Solution Delivered

LatitudeLearning enables technical and sales training content for employees in approximately 1,700 Polaris dealers in the United States and Canada, which are facilitated through a position -based reporting structure. Position-based reporting is a scalable reporting architecture that distributes administration efficiently. Approximately 2,100 Polaris dealers outside of the United States and Canada receive technical training and sales training content.

Polaris Enterprise employees receive all training content provided to dealers, along with Polaris-specific compliance and development training. Polaris Enterprise employee training reports are provided through a person to person based reporting structure. Person to Person reporting enables a flexible reporting structure using Direct Managers and Alternate Managers for each employee. Polaris Suppliers receive training on policies and expectations. The training portal for Polaris Adventures Outfitters, which rent Polaris vehicles for guided and unguided trips and experiences, provides training on technical and Adventures-specific content.

Overall, LatitudeLearning provides comprehensive, audience-specific training procedures across six different global platforms with complex, matrixed reporting relationships.

In turn, LatitudeLearning maximizes the workflow of the lean administrative team who oversees the management of such a monumental training endeavor while also minimizing administrative effort and overhead costs.

“Our partnership with LatitudeLearning has enabled us to deliver customizable training programs to a very large audience of internal staff and external partners, with international scale and a realistic pricing model. This approach allows us to continue to invest in training content and programs to improve the larger Polaris network,” said Brandon Lee, Service & Technical Training Manager at Polaris Inc.

“Facilitating training across a global landscape diverse as that of Polaris is a unique challenge, one that we understand, embrace and deliver an exceptional solution for,” Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude CG, said. “The LatitudeLearning platform is designed to address current needs while remaining adaptable as a company grows and changes over the years.”