Why LatitudeLearning LMS Is Ideal for OEM Dealers and Resellers

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In the fast-paced world of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their extensive network of dealers and resellers, effective training and development are paramount. 

With the constant evolution of products, technologies, and market demands, staying ahead of the curve is not just an option – it’s a necessity. You need a learning management system (LMS) that will be flexible with your organization in light of these changes while retaining all the capabilities you need to ensure your training program is still driving your business performance. This is where LatitudeLearning steps in as the ideal solution for your organization. 

Often, when you don’t have the right tool for your training needs, you end up working harder to deliver and maintain your training program. LatitudeLearning is solely focused on providing services to OEM industries that rely on partner and extended enterprise networks to distribute, sell, and service their products. As a result, we offer many differentiating features in our LMS that are critical to the needs of your training program as an extended enterprise. 

What Sets LatitudeLearning Apart From The Rest?

LatitudeLearning isn’t just another LMS—it’s a comprehensive platform tailored specifically to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by OEM networks of dealers and resellers. We understand how your training program can be a differentiator in your network’s performance and be utilized to drive sales, service, and parts. Additionally, we know how training can be tied into warranty service management and dealer performance and positively impact the dealer network through certification and compliance overall.  We have that experience, and we pride ourselves on several capabilities that help drive your business forward through your training program. 

Why Choose LatitudeLearning?

Our guide reveals how we help you solve all your partner training challenges — and tailor it especially for you.

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Managing The Complexity Of OEMs and Extended Enterprises

LatitudeLearning stands out in its ability to model an organization’s intricate structure and complexity directly into its LMS. This capability is invaluable for OEM dealers and resellers, whose networks often span regions, product lines, and diverse roles.

At the heart of LatitudeLearning’s versatility is its robust organizational hierarchy feature. This feature allows administrators to mirror the exact structure of their organization within the LMS, from the overarching OEM entity down to individual dealerships and reseller locations. Each tier can be customized with its own set of permissions, access levels, and training requirements, ensuring that training initiatives are tailored to the unique needs of each segment of the network.

LatitudeLearning’s flexible user management capabilities enable organizations to assign learners to specific groups based on factors such as job role, geographic location, or product specialization. This granular approach ensures that training content is targeted and relevant, maximizing engagement and effectiveness while tracking competency and accreditation status. Whether it’s delivering region-specific product training, role-specific compliance modules, or brand-specific specialized training, LatitudeLearning empowers organizations to model their complex organizational structures seamlessly within the LMS.

Additionally, LatitudeLearning offers robust reporting and analytics tools that allow administrators to gain insights into the performance and progress of different segments of the organization. By analyzing data at various levels of the organizational hierarchy, organizations can identify trends, pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, and make informed decisions to optimize their training strategies. This data-driven approach ensures that training efforts are aligned with organizational goals and priorities, driving greater efficiency and effectiveness across the entire network.

Defining Roles And Requirements

With LatitudeLearning, organizations can define the jobs and skill requirements of network members with precision and clarity, driving progression and success within their network. Administrators can tailor the platform to reflect the diverse roles and responsibilities present within their organization, whether it’s OEM dealers, resellers, sales representatives, or service technicians.

LatitudeLearning provides the flexibility to define distinct roles within the LMS, each with its own set of permissions and access levels. For example, they can create roles such as “Sales Associate,” “Service Technician,” or “Dealer Manager,” each with access to training requirements specific to their location. This granular approach ensures that every member of the network has access to the resources and tools they need to excel in their role.

In an effort to continue to drive training forward, LatitudeLearning enables organizations to establish clear training pathways and requirements for each role within the network. Administrators can create customized learning paths that outline the specific courses, modules, and certifications required for advancement within a particular job. Learners can track their progress along these pathways, completing training milestones while staying aligned with organizational goals and objectives.

Driving Business Forward

Our primary goal isn’t just about delivering training – it’s about driving performance and tangible results. Our LMS is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between learning and performance, ensuring that every training initiative directly contributes to the success of OEM dealers and resellers.

LatitudeLearning has the ability to tie your training program to network performance. The ultimate goal of all training programs is to prove their value, but the reality is that training programs typically don’t, nor do they solve your training problems or achieve your training goals. We can directly tie your training program to your performance metrics to show the value of the LMS that you’ve purchased. You are making an investment when purchasing an LMS, and you need to be able to show a return on that investment. 

First and foremost, LatitudeLearning enables organizations to align training objectives with key performance indicators (KPIs) and business goals. Administrators can define clear learning objectives and track progress against performance metrics, providing a direct link between training activities and desired outcomes. Whether it’s improving sales figures, increasing customer satisfaction, or enhancing product knowledge, LatitudeLearning empowers organizations to measure the impact of training on real-world performance.

LatitudeLearning also offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities that enable administrators to gain valuable insights into learner performance and behavior. By analyzing data such as course completion rates, assessment scores, and engagement levels, organizations can identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, allowing them to fine-tune their training programs for maximum effectiveness. This data-driven approach ensures that skills-based training efforts are targeted and strategic, leading to measurable improvements in performance over time.

Why Should You Choose Latitude? 

LatitudeLearning goes beyond traditional training solutions by directly tying learning initiatives to performance outcomes. Through alignment with business goals, robust analytics, and a focus on continuous improvement, the platform empowers organizations to drive measurable improvements in performance and achieve their objectives. OEM dealers and resellers can elevate their training programs to new heights and unlock the full potential of their workforce when they choose to work with Latitude. 

LatitudeLearning’s ability to model the complexity of an organization directly into the LMS is a game-changer for OEM dealers and resellers. By providing customizable organizational hierarchies, flexible user management capabilities, and powerful reporting tools, LatitudeLearning empowers organizations to tailor their training initiatives to the unique needs of their network. This ensures that training efforts are targeted, relevant, and impactful, ultimately driving improved performance and success across the organization.

Learn more about the training challenges that extended enterprises face and why choose LatitudeLearning to help you work through these challenges to take your training program from a money pit to a return on your investment.

Why Choose LatitudeLearning?

Our guide reveals how we help you solve all your partner training challenges — and tailor it especially for you.

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