LatitudeLearning and Subject 7 a Partnership in Quality

LatitudeLearning’s Commitment to Quality, Reliability, and Innovation with Subject 7

At the heart of LatitudeLearning lies an unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, principles embedded in our development practices for the past two decades. Our journey began with the incorporation of automated testing in every stage of our development processes, establishing a foundation that prioritizes precision and performance.

Since the introduction of LatitudeLearning, our premier Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Learning Management System, in 2013, we have relied on automated regression testing to guarantee seamless system functionality. This approach ensures that the training experiences for our extensive user base, comprising over a million learners, remain unaffected with each release.

In our dynamic landscape, LatitudeLearning undergoes an impressive 24 production releases annually. Over the last five years, during this intensified release schedule, we’ve successfully executed 122 production releases without the need for rollbacks or extraordinary interventions to rectify errors or mitigate impacts on our SaaS customers. This track record attests to the efficacy of our development process in maintaining the integrity of our platform.

While our commitment to a robust development process remains steadfast, we recognize the necessity for evolution. In this context, our toolsets have continually advanced to keep pace with technological advancements and industry best practices. It is in this spirit of progress that our partnership with Subject 7 emerges as a pivotal asset.

Our collaboration with Subject 7 empowers us to construct an even more resilient and comprehensive regression testing framework. This framework, rooted in real-world use cases, is poised to carry us seamlessly into the future, ensuring that our commitment to quality and reliability remains unwavering.

Subject 7’s ethos of “Quality is a Culture” harmonizes seamlessly with LatitudeLearning’s values, contributing to the success of our partnership. The tangible benefits derived from this collaboration underscore the alignment of our goals and the positive impact on our testing processes.

For a deeper dive into the specifics of our collaboration with the Subject 7 testing platform, we invite you to explore the detailed insights provided in our LatitudeLearning case study. Discover firsthand how this partnership is propelling us toward greater heights in quality assurance and technological excellence.

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