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Orchestrating the training and development of an enterprise is difficult. With certifications and accreditations required by technicians at different locations, you need to ensure that your network members and constituents are keeping up with training and getting the appropriate number of technicians skilled in their services.

Allowing your enterprise partners to manage their own teams and take ownership of the training based on centrally defined requirements is a unique challenge for the extended enterprise training space. LatitudeLearning LMS offers a complete set of tools to support these requirements, and the My Teams interface is the primary tool for these services. 

Many LMS platforms lack the comprehensive ability to display the training of the entire enterprise by location, team, and individual. What if you could gain a snapshot of the training needs of any given location at any given time? What if you could easily tell which locations meet your requirements and which don’t? The ability to view all training needs quickly and efficiently can help you better direct your constituents and plan ahead.

The typical corporate LMS (learning management system) doesn’t have the functionality and real-time insight into your training program that is demanded by an extended enterprise. But with the help of LatitudeLearning’s extended enterprise LMS – you can take your training program to the next level.

Managing the Skills of a Team with LatitudeLearning LMS

LatitudeLearning’s powerful LMS is completely customizable. With the ability to build individual career profiles and build a hierarchy of teams with customized career development paths, you have endless options for automated deployment of training.

The Teams interface in our LMS allows organization and group managers to view the training of their personnel in an intricate way. This interface allows a manager or an administrator to gain a quick view of those working for them and how they are progressing with their assigned training.

The dashboard gives an overall snapshot of training courses and goals. Each individual can be expanded to detail what has been assigned and allow you to interact with the learning objects listed under their assignments. This view also offers detailed contact information and demographics for network members.

Typically, in extended enterprises, these assets are not leveraged, especially not in a way that could positively impact the training progress of a team. Using this interface, managers can check training status, identify team members to fill production assignment gaps, and ensure qualified personnel are performing targeted warranty services. This interface helps you leverage all of your assets on the journey of training for each of your learners.

With the support and functionality of LatitudeLearning Teams Management Interface, you can delegate the upkeep of training responsibilities to location and team management. This can take some stress off the shoulders of the training managers by knowing that their teams are dually supported by the management of each location along with the robust capabilities of your enterprise LMS.


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Defining Performance with Teams Management

The Teams Management interface allows you to get a comprehensive view of training as it relates to learner performance in their role. LatitudeLearning gives you the ability to define each role and the factors that define the success and performance of that role.

Based on the information provided, the Teams Interface will provide charts showing managers and admins if the location is meeting the organization’s requirements by having the appropriate number of skilled or accredited laborers in specific areas. These charts are color-coded to make it very clear which areas are compliant and which ones are not.

These details give team managers specific information to discuss with their constituents on progress and working through barriers while maintaining visibility with the training manager on the team’s overall progress. You can see which courses are pending, which are overdue, and what has been completed – both on the level of the team and the individual.

Focus on Skills-Based Learning

These metrics also help you to define the skills that comprise a valuable member of your network. Skills are dynamic and constantly changing in response to evolving technology and industry trends. Your LMS and your training program also need to be able to flex with these dynamics.

Different roles often share the same skills, and many technicians fill the role of a certified or accredited technician across multiple skills. The Teams interface gives you a Skills View option that allows you to see how your team is meeting objectives, what jobs are covered by certain skills, and which technicians are fulfilling those roles.

This comprehensive view makes it very easy to identify the constituents that are performing in compliance with the requirements of the organizations. Do they have the appropriate staff mix? Are their technicians progressing in their training? This view provides a tool that gives you the advantage of transparency and makes these types of conversations with employees and training managers much easier.

The Advantage of Teams with LatitudeLearning

There are many benefits of having an impactful training program for your organization. LatitudeLearning offers one of the top learning management systems for extended enterprises. We are passionate about helping you build customized content and capture the full impact of your training program. Most corporate LMS systems do not offer the capabilities, in-depth metrics, and tools that your extended enterprise needs to build an impactful training program.

LatitudeLearning understands that skills are not static. The skills required to fulfill any given role within your organization are always evolving, redefining what it means to be competent in that skill. You need an LMS that can adapt and evolve with your industry, keep you on top of industry trends, and one step ahead of the advances in technology. LatitudeLearning’s enterprise learning platform is the key to managing dynamic skills in your organization

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