Leverage Learning Assets to Improve Your Recruiting Pipeline

line of job applicants | Leverage Learning Assets to Improve Your Recruiting Pipeline

Recruiting in the face of a Global Skill Gap is not for the faint of heart. It can be very difficult to find qualified applicants to fill the vacancies in your organization, especially when you have specific mandates that require you to maintain a certain number of skilled technicians.

OEMs and extended enterprises are not the only industries that are facing this unfortunate reality. Finding talent in your industry is hard – and finding good talent is even harder. The Global Skill Gap continues to widen, and the pressure of finding skilled technicians falls heavily on the shoulders of you – the recruiter. 

This lack of skilled labor is costing the industry billions of dollars and trickles down to irritated and annoyed consumers due to slow turnaround times on repairs and service. All dealerships are facing the same problem with lesser or unskilled manpower due to the lack of skills entering the workforce. This gap is annoying to the consumer but detrimental to the business. 

Recruiting by traditional means to solve these problems is an uphill battle. The applicant pool is shallow, and what’s in there isn’t really what you need to make a difference in the overarching issue of the skill gap. 

What if there was a way that you could help interested applicants fill their skill gaps before they even applied for a position? With all of the time and energy that is being devoted to training the members of your workforce to fill their current skill gaps, what if you could leverage the same assets that you use for training to assist in recruiting qualified applicants?

Repurposing Content To Improve Recruiting 

Your training managers have worked long and hard on developing training materials to help identify and fill the skill gaps in your organization. Likely, with the help of an LMS (learning management system), much of this content is automatically deployed to network members depending on where they need additional help or based on their performance in their roles within the organization.

These same modules can be of value to you from a recruiting perspective. By reusing what your organization already has with a different purpose in mind, you’re saving time and money while boosting the quality of your applicant pool. You have single-handedly made your recruiting process more efficient while producing better quality applicants AND saved a few bucks in the process. You are a company executive’s dream, and you just showed the value that your position brings to the table. 

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Ensuring Investment In Your Organization

Not only are you providing a way for skill gaps to be filled during the application process, but you are also weeding out the applicants who aren’t particularly invested in your organization. Competent applicants are a necessity, but even more so, you need to find applicants who resonate with your organization’s culture and vision and are committed to the process.

Using an LMS to deploy pre-employment training during the application process can be a useful tool for finding the applicants who are going to be the best fit for your organization. These modules give you the ability to showcase what it’s really like working in your organization, the overarching goals of your organization, and where the applicants fit into the business. 

The applicants who take the time to undergo the training gain an immersive experience of your organization and are more likely to be invested in your company and the goals you want to achieve. 

Increased Retention

One of the most difficult factors you face in recruiting is the time and energy you put into getting qualified applicants in the door, only to lose them to turnover. Turnover is costly for your organization in more ways than one, and any way you can increase retention and reduce your turnover will make a difference in the bottom line. 

Using modules that help applicants fill skill gaps and give them an insider’s look into your organization and what their role will look like can help reduce the turnover rate of newly hired employees. 

It has been proven that employees feel more invested in a business when they feel informed, prepared, and supported. With the help of the existing training materials to support the recruiting process, you can truly nurture your applicants and bring them into an organization where their continued learning and development are valued, and their skills are well-used. 

Leveraging the Power of LatitudeLearning

LatitudeLearning is one of the leading extended enterprise LMS platforms, helping several businesses across multiple industries streamline their training processes at the dynamic level that is required by extended enterprises.

The powerful, all-encompassing tools and functionality of LatitudeLearning surpass even the highest-rated corporate LMS platforms and can be customized to the needs and personalization of any business.

Traditionally used as a platform for deploying and housing training for network members across extended enterprises, LatitudeLearning is leaning into ways it can help industries bridge their skill gaps. 

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