Build a Training Program That Creates a Competitive Advantage

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The benefits of developing a high-quality training program for your extended enterprise are obvious – you need your network members to have the information and resources necessary to be capable at their jobs within your organization.

But these benefits go much further than just having capable learners. What if your training program was able to demonstrate measurable results that give your business a competitive advantage in your industry?

With metrics that are already used to evaluate organizational and individual performance directly linking the participation in training to the success of the organization, OEMs can create a culture of learning with their partners that drives the business forward.

How Training Creates a Competitive Advantage

Within networks that do performance and skills-based training, the dividing line between high-performing and low-performing network partners is their rates of participation in training. Being able to not only define networks and operations but also have the ability to measure it all is critical to success. 

Most organizations are providing training for the sake of providing training. These programs do not include performance metrics of the organization as a whole. When your training program is developed to deliver impact and be integrated with certifications or accreditation of technicians, metric performance, sales, customer satisfaction, and a multitude of other KPIs (key performance indicators) – you have the tools you need to drive your business forward with your training program at the helm. 

If these things aren’t part of your training program, you may be checking the box for training – but you’re missing out on the opportunity for impact. 

Other Competitive Benefits of a Successful Training Program

One of the main advantages outside of driving your business forward with the measurement of KPIs is that of becoming a desirable network to be part of. Your organization becomes a more appealing place for an individual to operate with a clearly defined path of growth and the visibility it places on applicants. 

One of the key functions of a high-quality training program is that it is customizable to the individual. Learners within your organization will have a clearly defined path of training and will be able to keep a pulse on their progress throughout their training journey. With clear-cut communication on training needs and expectations, individuals within your organization will feel valued and engaged and are less likely to be lost to turnover. 

Large-scale training programs often struggle to understand who in their networks need training and to optimize the delivery of that training, which increases costs and places unnecessary burden on network partners. These programs use an array of systems and tools that are not optimized for that task. With the appropriate enterprise LMS (learning management system), you can know with certainty who needs to be trained at any given time. 

As an example, with the help of an enterprise LMS, you can look at the metrics, review demands and interests, and see how many technicians will be requiring an upcoming instructor-led course and make plans for that group accordingly. You will know exactly who needs to be involved and the optimal time to offer that training with the least impact on dealership partners because you have 100% visibility into the needs of your learners.

How to Capitalize on These Competitive Advantages

Adoption of your training program across the extended enterprise may pose a challenge. But, with proof of results in hand, you can use it as leverage with your network members. Your training program holds the key to driving the business forward while measuring the impact on KPIs, and you have the proof in hand with your metrics. By showing other partners the outcomes of your high-performers who have participated in training, they may be encouraged to follow suit. 

This not only helps prove that your program is valuable but can establish a bout of healthy competition between partners, dealerships, and even individuals! With the ability to track and measure FFT (fixed first-time) rates, net promoter scores, and employee satisfaction among your partners – they can engage in competition for the highest rates of KPIs and highest rates of completed training. 

Lastly, offering incentives such as discounts or promotions can always be an effective motivator to get your partners engaged and invested in higher completion rates of your training. This will be a way to jump-start their training participation, which will result in them realizing the benefits of your training program. 

The Right LMS Is Key to a More Competitive Business

Finding the best LMS to help your training program drive your business forward can be challenging. Most corporate LMS systems aren’t developed in a way that supports your extended enterprise in the way it functions. LatitudeLearning brings the high-level functionality your training program needs, with a focus on the experience of the individual learner. 

With an enterprise learning system like LatitudeLearning, you have the ability to define the specific skills and certifications you require for your network members to be part of your organization. You can also define the requirements for skills and certifications down to the individual level within your network partners. 

With LatitudeLearning, you can also define the minimum training requirements or standards at the dealership level. For instance, you will have the ability to identify how many technicians need to be trained in every role to be successful based on the size of the dealership. You can also identify the KPI metrics that the dealership is trying to achieve as a whole.

LatitudeLearning’s expansive capability for monitoring metrics allows you to define the appropriate metrics for the individuals in your organization. When you integrate parts sold, FFT rates, and units sold based on geographical network, you can change how you monitor the performance of individuals that drive your business forward. 

All of this functionality can be done within your LatitudeLearning LMS. With LatitudeLearning, you can obtain a unique business advantage that no other LMS can offer. Partner with LatitudeLearning today to elevate your training program beyond a check-box approach and into a potential for greater revenue and profit! 

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